Anti - Corrosion Cost Consideration



There are a large number of available materials, varying widely in both performance and cost. Making cost comparisons based on maintenance cost projection is not possible, as valid data collection for all possible materials of construction vis-à-vis vast range of potential operating conditions is simply impossible.


Economic analysis of only material cost is easy, since it is relatively simple to estimate; however it is dangerous to ignore the Total Cost of the system after it is commissioned and working for it's full life cycle.

These costs vary widely because of different materials of construction, so there is no single Cost Index that can be universally applied to all materials. As a result, comparison of Total Cost often presents quite a different picture than that based on material cost alone.

Many types of corrosion resistant piping systems involve relatively high material cost because they are supplied from the manufacture, in the form of prefabricated components (i.e. flanged pipe and flanged fitting). This makes the materials considerably less expensive to install.

Conversely, many piping types with low material cost require additional expense of fabrication at the site. So the initial economic advantage of these materials gets offset by fabrication and installation at the site.


A complex piping system is made up of prefabricated components (i.e. Elbow, Tee, Standard length Pipes etc.), hence installation, replacement or rerouting becomes comparatively easy.


Fluoropolymer lined items have advantages over glass-lined equipment, as glass being brittle, when subjected to shock or vibration is prone to crack or break. Fluoropolymer lined items when handled properly during transport, installation, storage and maintenance have an almost indefinite life span with trouble free service.


Due to the non-stick property of the fluorocarbon family, fluoropolymer lined equipment require less amount of cleaning, when there is a change of service fluid. Hence, a flexibility in production schedule is attained and shut down cost is eliminated.


Due to its excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, its non-stick property and working temperature range from -20°C to 260°C, Fluoropolymer Lined Pipes, Fittings, and equipment provide absolute operational safety for personal, process and plants where hazardous materials are handled.