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Style 180

Expanded Pure graphite braided gland packing having inconel wire mesh jacket over each yarn alongwith multiple reinforcement of inconel wire inside each yarn.

Service :An ideal sealing material having excellent thermal conductivity, impermeability for gases and liquids. Best suited for valves handling high pressure super heated steam, pumps, compressors, salt solution, solvents, oil, hydrocarbons, petroleum distillates, acids and alkali solutions. Very flexible, resilient compression packing for critical application.



Temperature -200oC to 780oC
Pressure Upto 500 Bar
PH 0 -14

  1. Sizes 3 to 5mm in Coils of 10 meters.
  2. Sizes 6mm to 11mm in Coils of 1 kg/2.5 kgs.
  3. Sizes 12mm/12.5mm and above in Standard Coils of 2.5 kgs/5kgs.