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Style 134: Acrylon

A special Duplex Braided Synthetic Fiber Packing to replace asbestos packings in a variety of applications. The packing is impregnated with chemically inert lubricants by a special process and is having good anti-friction properties.

Service : This packing is specially designed to handle wide range of services including chemicals, oils, steam, water, air, mild acids etc. It can be safely used in centrifugal and reciprocating pumps handling demineralised water, slides, valves, food and pharmaceutical industries, compressors, cooling water, mild acids and alkalies, dyes and gases.



Temperature 230oC
Pressure 50 Bar
PH 2 -12
Shafted Speed 10 M/s.

  1. Sizes 3mm to 5mm in spools of 10mtrs.
  2. Sizes 6mm to 10mm in coils of kg.
  3. Sizes 12.5mm and above in coils of 2.5 kgs/5kgs.