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Style 374: Hydroflon

A multiservice Hydraulic Packing DUPLEX Braided manufactured from pre-impregnated soft vegetable fibre yarn. During the process it is further treated with special additives having lowest co-efficient of friction along with break-in lubricants. This special additive avoids discolouration of the product pumped.

Service: This packing is best suited to seal the glands of pumps, valves handling condensate, demineralised water, cold and hot water application in thermal power plants and hydraulic installations.



Temperature 150oC
Pressure upto 80 Bar
PH 4 -10

  1. Sizes 3 mm to 5 mm is supplied in spools of 10 mtrs.
  2. Sizes above 5 mm is supplied in Boxes/Kgs.
  3. Also can be supplied in accurate cut rings.