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Style 3116: Hydrograf

A fine soft natural fibre braided packing impregnated with lubricants and graphite. The packing presents a smooth surface that will not score shaft or sleeves because the soft fibre constantly absorbs the liquid being pumped and maintains a soft and pliable running face on the shaft.

Service:Recommended for use on reciprocating and rotary pumps, valve spindles, refrigeration machinery and compressors, cooling water and condensate services.



Temperature 130oC
Pressure upto 80 Bar
PH 6 - 8

  1. Sizes 3 mm to 10 mm is supplied in spool of 6 mtrs.
  2. 11 mm and 12.5 mm in coils of 3 mtrs. above 12.5 mm in Boxes/Kgs.
  3. Also can be supplied in accurate cut rings.