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Style 25: Insitlon

The ingredients are formulated and blended to provide a packing with superior anti-friction and non-scoring characteristics. The packing though not braided yet stable, strong, mouldable, smooth, flexible, and malleable. All the ingredients of the packing is a lubricant. The packing is incorporated with heat transfer properties.

Application: This packing is a supplement to worn out braided packing or to use as a combination with braided packing.

This packing because of its mouldable properties adopt to any shape or configuration in the stuffing box and compensate for wear by moulding itself to the required shape and can salvage the worn out conventional packing.

This packing eliminates the need for maintaining inventory of various sizes since it can caulk into any size of stuffing box even with excessive tolerances due to its exceptional malleability.

Service:The packing is recommended for oil, water, solvents, steam paper mill stock, acids and alkalies, abrasive, centrifugal or reciprocating pumps, mixers, agitators, valves, expansion joints with the exception of strong oxidizing agents, fluorine and fuming nitric acid.
For higher pressures if greater clearances are encountered back up rings of braided packings are recommended.



Temperature -200oC to 300oC
Pressure upto 200 Bar
PH 0 -14