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Style127 : Novlon

A new generation thermoset environment friendly DUPLEX BRAIDED packing. It not cause severe shaft scoring like many other synthetic fiber packings. This is non-contaminating, non-hazardous packing. Due to low co-efficient of friction heat generated is less, resulting in very less wear on shafts/sleeves. The packing is immunized with inert and break-in sacrificial lubricants prolongs packing life. It lacks the stiffness of conventional synthetic packing and retains to a great extent its tensile strength in running temperature. The packing is free from electrolytic pitting, elongation and extrusion problems. The packing is very kind to shaft/sleeves and will not leach colours. It is mouldable and conforms to stuffing box configurations a breakthrough in the selection of packings for most difficult application including abrasive conditions.

Technical Data : Resistant to most process chemicals & solvents. Unaffected by non-oxydizing acids, organic solvents and liquors. Used in rotary and reciprocating pumps, valves.

Not to be used in concentrated or hot sulphuric or Nitric acids.
Highly in demand with Sugar, Food, Pulp and Paper, Chemical Plants, Petroleum Products Pharmaceutical Industries and Power Plants.



Temperature Upto 280oC
Pressure Upto 100 Bar
PH 1 - 13
Shafted Speed Upto 2000 ft./Min

  1. Sizes 6mm Square in Coils of 1 kg / 2.5 kgs.
  2. Sizes 8mm to 25mm Square in coils of 2.5kg / 5kg..
  3. Sizes above 25mm Square in 10kg / 25kg. Coils.
  4. Tailormade formed rings are also available on request.