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Style 170: Paramid

This packing present a new concept where soft packing are required for rotary pumps & valves. The packing is made from special grade of paramid fibers. The fiber does not suffer from thermal expansion. This packing is impregnated with inert polymers and high temperature resisting lubricating has a low co-efficient of friction and considerably disperses the heat generated by the peripheral speed.

Service : The packing is DUPLEX braided and being flexible and non-standing is most suited for wide range of chemicals, hydrocarbons, paper mills, steam, solvents, abrasive fluids, acids, alkali and oils (except for molten alkalies, metal and fluorine) ash handling systems of power plants.



Temperature Upto 280oC
Pressure Upto 200 Bar
PH Range 2 -13
Shaft Speed 20 M/S.

  1. Sizes 3mm to 5mm in spool of 10 mtrs.
  2. Above 5mm is supplied on weight basis.
  3. Packing are also available in formed rings on request.