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Style 169: Ramieflex

Present day gland packing manufacturing activities are concentrated on synthetic yarn sealing material. there are other natural fibers still play a versatile role with their unique properties. Prominent among them is Ramie an extremely strong top quality fiber of plant kingdom. To manufacture gland packings these fibers are uniquely impreganated with PTFE dispersion by a proprietary process and further treated with inert lubricant.

Service : The packing is Duplex Braided which maintains uniform density and compressibility. This natural fiber has very great strength than other vegetable fibers. The rot resistance is excellent. This pacing is having high resilience, flexibility, resistance to extrusion and abrasion, low wear character. Heat build up is negligible due to low friction properties.

Application: An ideal packing for high pressure reciprocating pump, Brine circulation, Cellulose slury, Crystalline & abrasive media even containing suspended solids, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Petrochemicals, Hydroelectric, Paper industries, Sugar Mills, Stren Gland Oils, salt Water, Centrifugal & reciprocating pumps, Valves, Agitators etc.



Temperature -30oC to 160oC
Reciprocating Pressure Upto 480 Bar
TRotary Pressure 50 Bar
PH 0 -14
Max. Speed 18 M/s.

  1. Sizes 3mm to 5m in pool of 10mtrs.
  2. Sizes 6mm in coils of 1kg / 2.5kgs.
    - Sizes 8mm and above Upto 25mm in coils of 5kgs.
    - Rest of sizes on request.
  4. Also can be supplied in performed molded rings.