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Style 80

Introducing a flexible and high strength braided Packing made out of an innovative expanded pure Graphite with inconel wire reinforcement. It contains no oil or binders. The purity of graphite is above 99.5%.

This packing is incorporated with sacrificial metal Corrosion inhibitor to prevent galvanic corrosion of the spindle/shaft. The packing is very resilient and responds to minimum gland pressure. This packing is having excellent resistance to thermal shock and high thermal conductivity which extends the serviceability of packing significantly.

The packing is self lubricating having low co-efficient of friction, non abrasive hence rules out shaft scoring. it is a unique and universal sealing material.

A special grade of this packing is also available for Nuclear Application.

Service: It can be used to seal hot water, super heated high temperature and pressure steam, heat transfer fluid, hydrogen gas, ammonia, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, fuel oil, cryogenic liquids, except fewer strong oxidizers such as fuming nitric acid, oleum etc.



Temperature -240oC to 700oC (steam) +3300oC (Non-oxidizing media)
Pressure Upto 480 Bar
PH 0 -14

  1. Sizes 3 to 5mm in Coils of 10 meters.
  2. Sizes 6mm to 11mm in Coils of 1 kg/2.5 kgs.
  3. Sizes 12mm/1 2.5mm and above in Standard Coils of 2.5 kgs/5kgs.