glass/carbon/graphite/bronze + MoS2
PTFE Rods Bushes and Tubes
Dia 3 - 250 (standard) large sizes made to order
Length 300 - 900 mm (standard)

O.D. 32 - 150 mm (standard)
I.D. 12.5 - 127mm (standard)
Length 100 mm (standard)
upto 300 mm in special cases.
Larger sizes made to order

I.D. 1.6 - 25 mm
Wall Thickness 0.8 - 1.6 mm
Length 3000 - 12000 mm

O.D. 25 -100 mm
I.D. 19 - 89 mm
Length upto 5000 mm
Wall Thickness 3 - 25 mm

glass/carbon/graphite/bronze + MoS2.
PTFE Sheets
Sizes available 300 x 300 mm to 900 x 900 mm
Thickness 3 - 25 mm
Thicker sheets available on request
PTFE + FILLER* also.

Width 300 - 600 mm
Thickness 0.1 - 3.0
Available in roll form or length cut to request.
PTFE Moulded and Machined Finished Products
It is often more efficient to use moulded semi - finished products to avoid excessive machining of relatively expensive materials and also to reduce machining labour and time.

The tooling costs are generally very low.
PTFE Soft Unsintered Products
IPTFE Universal Rope Gasket
PTFE Rope Gasket is a specially formulated sealing material that withstands vibration, wide operating temperature range and has extremely low coefficient of friction. The friction free characteristic promotes smoother action an increases the life of the gasket many times over.

It is used as a gasket on flanged connections, pressure vessels and all other similar mating faces as well as packing for valves and similar gland applications.

Dia 1.5 - 19 mm
Length 5000 - 1000 mm

IPTFE Thread Sealant Tape
Unsintered pure PTFE in tape form is the standard material for sealing threaded joints and connections. Joints can be taken apart long afterward without any trouble. It is virtually a universal sealing material which can be used on pipes of galvanised Iorn, Rubber, Copper, Plastics, Brass, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Ceramic, Monel, Carbon etc.

The inherent plasticity of PTFE allows it to extrude into the irregularities of the thread, so filling any voids or passages. It is insert to acids, solvents, oil etc. and will not contaminate the liquid being handled.
Roll Length 12,000 mm
Width 12.5 - 25.0 mm
Thickness 0.075 mm
PTFE Gaskets - Envelope / Solid
Size 12 mm onwards
Thickness of flap 0.5 mm to order
Available also in oval shapes and larger sizes.

These gaskets are successfully used in chemical plants, glass/glass lined equipment due to their high temperature, corrosion and ageing resistance. Envelop Gaskets are produced in two forms:-

Milled and Slit forms
Milled type envelop is perhaps the better of the two since it is made to fit the insert and presents a flat face to the flange.
The Slit type is perfectly adequate for many applications where cost is a major consideration. The envelop in this variety does not present a full face to the flange.
Solid Gaskets can be made to order in different types of shapes and sizes.
PTFE Rings - Piston / Rider / Segmented Piston Rod Packing
Since PTFE is a self lubricating material non-lubricated bearings, seals, piston rings, rider rings, piston rod packing, chevron rings, O rings etc., are in great demand amongst desing engineers.

The use of fillers with PTFE changes certain properties and permits the material to be tailored to a wide variety of mechanical applications. In general, use of additives increases stiffness, hardness, compressive strength and resistance to deformation under load.

We manufacture these rings for all types of non-lubricated compressors.
PTFE Bellows Line, Valve, Stirrer
  • Line; for Flanges
  • Valve; with Spindle
  • Stirrer
Used mainly in chemical process pipelines and chemical manufacturing equipment.

The following basic types are available:

Line Bellows Nominal bore 25 - 225mm. Bigger sizes on order.
Valve Bellows Complete with spindles. Nominal bore 25 mm onwards.
Stirrer Bellows Nominal bore 25 mm onwards. These bellows can be supplied with / without steel flanges.
PTFE Diaphragms for valves and pumps

Diaphragms with Neoprene Rubber Pad:
Sizes 12 - 250 mm; larger ones on request.
Uses Extensively in Pharmaceutical / Food / Chemical Industry where a high standard of cleanliness and purity is required.

The almost universal chemical resistance, the high temperature resistance, the anti-stick, low friction surface of the PTFE Linings ensure minimum maintenance requirements. Low cost and efficient design along with long service life makes PTFE the most ideal material for use in valve and pump diaphragms.
PTFE Components for valves / Pumps with inserts / without inserts
Mechanically highly stressed components such as pump impellers, agitator vanes, plug valve cores etc., are provided with a rigid insert increasing the strength of the component and reliably transmitting forces.

Components required by you can be manufactured by us.
PTFE Lined Equipment - Pipes / Fittings

  • High Chemical Resistance
  • High Temperature Resistance
  • Non Contaminating
  • Low Cost
  • Maintenance Free
  • Long Durability
Lining PTFE
Thickness 2 - 6 mm
Sizes Nominal bore 20 - 600 mm
Max. Length upto 6000 mm
Std. Wall For pressures and light vacuum
Heavy Wall For full vacuum till 150oC and pressure.
Lining PTFE / FEP / PFA
Thickness 2 - 6 mm
Sizes Nominal bore 20 - 600 mm to order also.
Lining of Pipes / Fittings as per your specifications also undertaken.
PTFE Flex-O-Seal Universal Joint Gasket

Flex-O-Seal is a unique sealing material manufactured from special grade of expanded 100% pure PTFE by transforming the fibrous structure by means of a special process. Though very tough, it is spongy and suited to almost all flanges, covers and narrow cavities. Its special soft and flexible character enables it to be the most ideal seal under pressure without significant cold flow even on irregular, badly damaged or corroded flange surfaces. Once bolted this gasket rarely need to be retorqued.

Properties: FLEX-O-SEAL recommended temperature-240°C, to 310°C, PH Range 0-14 No deterioration due to stocking for long time. Resistant to high pressure, non-toxic.
Not recommended for use against elemental fluorine, alkali metals and strong oxidising agents.

FLEX-O-SEAL is safely used in petroleum refinering companies even in their offshore operations, corrosive chemical processing, food processing, paper mill, marine installation, for glass lined or fibre glass reinforced vessels and tank lid sealing, manhole covers, vent pipes, heat exchangers, pumps or compressors housing flanges, valves and many more industrial applications where conventional pre-cut gaskets are not readily available or unsuitable.

  • The sealing surface must be clean, free from grease and dry to enable the gasket to stick properly.
  • The width of the joint gasket is to be determined by the nominal diameter or type of flange. Selection of a tentative size of joint gasket would be approx, 1/3rd flange contact width inside the bolt hole e.g., 7 mm gasket joint to suit a 20 mm flange width.
  • Remove the protective foil from the adhesive joint gasket to allow for fitting. Stick the gasket approx 2 mm away from the bolt hole and press on lightly.
  • Do not butt the ends overlap them in front of a bolt (see fig. 1)
  • Tighten the lubricated bolts in opposite pairs. Since it is highly compressible only bolt pressure is required to seal. The lap joint deforms perfectly to give a reliable seal.
  • For delicate components such as glass flanges the gasket ends can be joined by cutting a step in each end of gasket.
  • FLEX-O-SEAL is easy to install, able to fill severe surface irregularities and reduces inventory of ready made gaskets, envelopes, etc. It has therefore taken its name as UNIVERSAL JOINT GASKET.
  • On irregular or damaged flanged surfaces, it is possible to build up with short length of FLEX-O-SEAL.
Standards Spools
Gasket Widthmm Thickness mm Spool length meter
3 1.5 30
5 2.0 20
7 2.5 15
10 3.0 8
14 5.0 5
17 6.0 5
20 7.0 5
25 10.0 5
Other sizes on request

All technical data and information is based on our experience to date. They represent the current state of our knowledge but assume no legal re-sponsibilities. The customers are asked to check these details since the performance of a seal can be judged only where all necessary operating data are available.
PTFE Bellows for Lined Pipes

Bellows are specially designed form virgin PTFE and is contour moulded. This manufacturing method guarantess an excellent structure of the material; Symptoms of ageing are practically excluded. Very long term durability and low maintenance costs are assured.

These Bellows are manufactured in different sizes form NB 25mm to NB 500mm. The allowable operating pressures are depending on services conditions. The Bellows can be used upto200oC.

Bellows serve for compensation of:
  • Vibration
  • Thermal Strain and Expansion
  • Axial and Redial motion
These Bellows are meant for resisting highly corrosive chemicals plants and piping for aggressive medias.
These Bellows are installed in PTFE Lined Carbon Steel Piping and equipment without additional gaskets. For use with piping and equipment made of glass, enamels and ceramics we recommend PTFE Gaskets, offered as accessory.

The sealing surfaces are covered end plates and individually boxed for protection against mechanical damage. Limit bolts are preset to prevent over extension during operation.
Grafseal Tape
An advanced and adaptable valve stem/pump shaft packing material used for gland or stuffing box packing at site. The self winding method and forming the required size of the gland packing at site is very practical and simple, especially as any dimension can be prepared quickly.

Method: A Pre-determined length of tape depending upon the radial width (the space between stem or shaft and the cylinder bore) is wrapped around the stem or shaft until the stuffing box is filled. The wound tape is then pushed down into the stuffing box and compressed to half its width by close fitting split pushers and the gland follower. With the help of a scale before and after compression of tape, the packing mechanic will be able to judge the extent of compression achieved. The stem or shaft under gland load should be turned every time before the next ring is formed. This process is repeated till the depth of the stuffing box is full.

SPITMAAN GRAFSEAL TAPE has infinite shelf life and can be kept in readiness in every store as a part of the maintenance kit. By using the tape the inventory of preformed rings of different types and cross sections can be reduced to a minimum, offering advantages with regard to maintenance and repair work.

GRAFSEAL Tape brings down the inventory to only a few rolls of tape of different thicknesses and widths. These Tapes are also available with adhesive backing to form gaskets on a " Do It At Site " basis.

Tapes for Packing
Thickness 0.38 mm and 0.50 mm
Width 6 mm and above
Standard Length 10 meters. Upto 50 meters can be supplied on request.
Grafseal Formed Packings
Advantages in use of Formed Packings
Due to its multifarious properties GRAFSEAL enables variety of packing materials to be reduced resulting in saving in storage and inventory costs.

GRAFSEAL Packings are self lubricating, with the result wear on moving parts will be minimum.
As a result of the high thermal dissipation property, it is not necessary to have gland cooling arrangement. This results in saving of operational cost.

When GRAFSEAL Packings are used, it is not necessary to remove the complete packing from stuffing box, even when it is compressed after prolonged use. Due to the exceptional characteristics of the material GRAFSEAL does not harden or undergo any change, affecting its sealing efficiency. Therefore, only adding one additional ring to the stuffing box solves the problem. The use of GRAFSEAL packing minimises downtime as compared to conventional packing.

GRAFSEAL Packing Rings are recommended for use in valves and pumps handling heat transfer fluids, oils, acids, alkalies, solvents, hot water, boiler feed water, hydrocarbon products as well as super heated high pressure steam. GRAFSEAL Packing are excellent for Nuclear Services. The "Chloride content" of this packing is kept much below the permissible values. In radiation atmosphere, especially the packing mechanic will be able to spend limited time for packing valves and pumps. Precision moulded packing will therefore be safer and advantageous.

It is not only the pump and valves manufacturers who draw benefit of this cost-saving GRAFSEAL ready made Rings, but also other actual users who realising the importance of preformed Rings have standardized their requirements, on this packing Pre-formed GRAFSEAL rings have distinct advantages as compared to preparing the rings from Tape on a " Do It At Site " basis.

Some of the shortcomings in using the Tape are :
  • lack of uniform winding tension, due to physical obstruction in one particular orientation,
  • or the slippery nature of the product when handled by greasy hands,
  • the time consuming necessity to compress and tighten the gland followers each time.
On the other hand, ready made rings are formed in such a way that they fit exactly into the space provided for them. They possess sufficient compressibility and resiliency. These rings have uniform density, smooth finish, close tolerance and also save labour and wastage. Due to their special construction, formed packing rings offer uniform axial and radial expansion.

GRAFSEAL Packings are designed to provide optimum seal efficiency. These packings are precision made; and need careful installation. Stuffing boxes should be in a sound condition. Stuffing box and shaft or spindle surface should be absolutely clean and smooth. The gap between the shaft and the housing at the bottom of the stuffing box should not exceed 0.5 mm. Before putting a Valve or pump into operation, the spindle or shaft should be checked for freedom of rotation. In case it is too tight slacken off the gland sightly. If there is a leakage, reduce it by gradually tightening the gland. In case of very high pressure applications, it may be necessary to add one more ring to the stuffing box.

For best results, special top and bottom header rings are recommended with the packing set especially when the packings are subject to extremes of high pressure conditions or in case of excessive clearances. These header rings prevent extrusion and act as wipers to prevent particle transfer.

While ordering GRAFSEAL Packing Rings, service conditions viz., temperature, pressure, and the medium to be sealed should be indicated.
GRAFSEAL Packing Rings are supplied in three forms, endless, split and in two halves.

  • Endless
  • Split
  • In 2 halves: Oblique or Straight cut
Sizes in all types can be supplied as per customer's specification.
Grafseal Gaskets
GRAFSEAL Gaskets are premium products for flanges capable of withstanding extremes of temperature and pressure. These gaskets are also suitable for flanges of enamel or glass. GRAFSEAL Gasket will not damage these sensitive flanges, as it contains no binder or filler and its characteristics remain constant.

  • The resiliency and compressibility of the Gasket is excellent; it can easily adapt to any flange irregularities even at low surface pressures. If the GRAFSEAL Gasket is compressed further during assembly, resiliency increases with the result that the gasket can behave dynamically from cryogenic to molten metal temperatures (-200°C to +3000°C).
  • Even with frequent temperature and load changes or vibrations, GRAFSEAL Gaskets remain dimensionally stable and provide a complete leak proof joint without embitterment or hot/cold flow characteristics. It is possible to seal even flanges which are corroded or pitted with GRAFSEAL Gasket without spending time working over the flange. These gaskets have extraordinarily good thermal stability and co-efficient of expansion similar to Steel. Non- metallic gaskets are recommended for pressures upto 200 kg/cm2 and metallic gasket upto 800 kg/cm2.
  • The high performance characteristics of GRAFSEAL Gaskets ensure operational efficiency, longer life, reduced maintenance and hence they are economical to use when compared to conventional gasket materials.
  • These gaskets have no ageing characteristics and remain leak proof under moderate bolt loads and do not require precision bolt tightening.
Non - Metalic
Standard Thickness: Standard Diameter:
0.38 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.8,mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, and 3.0 mm Maximum 500 mm for thickness 0.38 mm and 0.5 mm. Maximum 1000 mm for other thickness
Standard Thickness: 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm and 2 mm Standard Diameter: Maximum 500 mm
Gaskets can also be supplied to your specified shapes and dimensions.
Grafseal Universal Adhesive Gasket Tape
GRAFSEAL gasket tape, an all graphite product, is self adhesive. It has extremely good elasticity, compressibility and can form a perfect seal even at elevated temperatures and pressures generally encountered in the industry. It is an acknowledged fact that GRAFSEAL adhesive tape has universal applications since maintenance personnel can fabricate gasket on flanges in the site itself of the required size and shape. The inventory is brought down to a few rolls of GRAFSEAL adhesive tape of different widths which will take care of the most of the gasket requirements of the entire plant.
At high temperatures, the adhesive backing carbonizes and becomes an integral part of the gasket itself.

Before using these tapes the following points may be observed:
  • The flange surface should be thoroughly cleaned to remove rust, foreign particles, grease or oil.
  • Thereafter, peel of the paper backing six to eight inches and start laying tape on the flange and press against it. When the tape reaches the starting point, lap the tape not more than 2 mm and cut with a sharp knife.
  • For additional thickness when the starting point is reached, do not cut the tape but roll out the flutes in the already formed gasket with a smooth roller and repeat step 2 above. It is important that the top layer is positioned EXACTLY above the first layer already formed.
The service conditions are the same as detailed for other GRAFSEAL products.
Standard Thickness 0.5 mm
Width From 6 mm and above
Standard length 10 mtrs. or as required.
Butterfly Valve

  • This Butterfly Valve is lined with Fluoro plastic material at all the surface contact areas for resistance against high corrosive media attacks.
  • The Seal on Stem of the disc automatically closes.
  • The unique feature of the sealing of Stem is by a seal ring which completely makes it leak proof under automatic pressure exerted by spring rings.
  • The main body is split in 2 halves manufactured out of Ductile Iron Castings. The body has holes for fixing the valve with pipelines very conveniently. The valve is a slim body light weight construction for easy and reliable working.
  • Our design construction on the main body is for better sealing incorporated by special elastomer resiliency.
  • Body - Ductile Iron.
  • Body Lining - PTFE.
  • Disc - Ductile Iron.
  • Disc Lining - PFA.
Description Qty. Material
Allen Bolt 2 M.S. / S.S.
Spring 1 M.S. / S.S.
Stopper Plate 1 M.S. / Aluminium
'O' Rings 4 Viton
Bolt & Washer 1 M.S. / S.S.
Handle 1 Aluminium
Bush 1 Brass
Guide Pin 1 M.S. / S.S.
Seal Bush 1 PTFE
Guide Bush 2 Filled PTFE
Gasket 1 Rubber
Spring Washers 8 - 12 M.S. / S.S.
Pusher 2 S.S.
DISC Liner - PFA / FEP / MFA
Body Liner 1 PTFE
Upper Body 1 C.S. /S.S./S.G. IRON
Lower Body 1 C.S. /S.S./S.G. IRON
NB ∅ A ∅ B H F
300 300 381 600 620
250 241 324 600 545
200 198 265 460 500
150 151 216 350 375
100 98 158 260 325
Lined Ball Valve

PFA - FEP Lined Ball Valve : For Highly Corrosive Media

A specially patented Ball Valve having Teflon/PFA Lining directly moulded on all surfaces having contact with the fluid. The thickness of the lining is calculated to ensure total protection against highly corrosive chemicals for long service life.

Unlike conventional Ball Valves the ball assembly consists of one solid piece without any looseness so that there is no deterioration of lining in the area of Ball Stem Selding. The thickness of the lining is absolutely constant throughout to avoid any deformation of the ball.

This is a two piece valve body construction and for special safety precaution the body end fits deeply into the other part of valves. This specially patented spherical design of the valve body and the body end reduces cavity volume in areas around the ball. Thus minimising retention within this areas to reduce product contamination problems.

Ball valve offers a substantially lower torque than equivalent size of plug valve resulting in easy manual quarter turn operation.

Another special feature is that all the valves have a straight cylindrical part and is neither oval nor rectangular,the port section is round, thus ensuring a flow of fluid without any turbulence. The larger port section and high CV Value permit important savings in the construction of piping units.

The gland packing is fully made from PTFE Chevron Rings and is incorporated with springs which keeps continuous pressure on the rings thereby the sealing is absolute.

The valve is designed to withstand temperatures from -45°C to +220°C and is specially lined with an anti-adhesive, self lubricating material with excellent resistance to abrasion and shocks.

Description Qty. Material
Body - 1; 1 C.S. /S.S./S.G. IRON
Body - 2 1 C.S. /S.S./S.G. IRON
Ball 1 C.S. /S.S.
Seat Ring 2 PTFE
Top Cover 1 C.S. /S.S.
Hand Lever 1 C.S. /S.S.
Chevron Rings 4 - 6 PTFE
Spring Washers 4 - 10 M.S.
Bush 1 Brass
Allen Bolts 3 M.S. /S.S.
Lock Washer 1 M.S. /S.S.
Allen Bolts 1 M.S. /S.S.
Allen Bolts 4 - 11 M.S. /S.S.
Lining - PFA / FEP / MFA
15 130 130 108 160 120
20 150 150 117 160 120
25 160 152 127 155 110
40 200 178 165 205 140
50 230 203 178 205 150
80 310 241 203 290 170
100 350 292 229 350 185

Lined Ball Check Valve:
We manufacture special non-return valves in the size range of 25 mm to 100 mm NB in DIN as well as ANSI Standards.
The Body is a two piece construction and is manufactured out of Ductile Iron Castings. The body is completely lined with FEP/PFA for corrosion resistance wherever it contacts corrosive liquid.
The ball inside is made out of fine grade virgin PTFE. When the size is higher than 50 mm it is made out of steel covered with PTFE.
The advantage of this Specially PTFE Covered Steel Ball is no deformation at higher temperature and pressure.

Description Material
Body - 1 Investment Casting WCB/CF8/CF8M
Body - 2 Investment Casting WCB/CF8/CF8M
NB DIN L ANSI 1 Line Thickness PFA/FEP
15 130 130 2.5 MM
20 150 150 2.5 MM
25 160 152 2.5 MM
40 200 178 3 MM
50 230 203 3 MM
80 310 241 3 MM
100 350 292 3 MM
FEP / PFA Lined Plug Valve
For Highly Corrosive Media

Spitmaan straight through FEP / PFA lined plug valves provide unristricted flow when fully open, and are also operable in a throttled position. The moulded liner assure excellent chemical resistance and long service life.

Spitmaan products are manufactured using latest production methodology backed by continuing quality control form raw materials to finish products to ensure the highest possible quality standards.

Description Qty. Material
Allen Bolt 8 M.S. / S.S.
Name Plate 1 S.S.
Cover Plate 1 M.S.
Bolt 1 M.S. / S.S.
Grub Screws 3 M.S. / S.S.
Nut Stud 1 M.S. / S.S.
Bush 1 M.S.
Plate 1 S.S.
Plate 1 PTFE
Handle 1 C.S. / S.S.
Stopper Head 1 C.S. / S.S.
Pusher 1 S.S.
Diaphragm Plate 1 S.S.
Diaphragm 1 PTFE
Wedge Ring 1 PTFE
Lining - PFA/FEP/MFA
Upper Cover 1 Investment Casting WCB/CF8/CF8M
Lower Cover 1 Investment Casting WCB/CF8/CF8M
Plug 1 Investment Casting WCB/CF8/CF8M
Body 1 Investment Casting WCB/CF8/CF8M
100 229 140 610
80 203 125 445
50 178 110 445
40 160 100 370
25 127 75 270

Advanced developments in all areas of industry demands high-tech Packings. Through continuous research and experience of more than 35 years with most modern technique and materials, we are able to master all the fields of application while giving highest functional reliability. Stuffing Box packings are renowned quality products and embraces the entire spectrum from consultancy to problem solving to suit your particular application.


Steam, Super Heated Steam
Style No."SPITMAAN" Temperature (Centigrade) Service Recommendation
1000 350oC Asbestos dry plaited general steam and insulation packing for hot gases, oven, autoclaves etc. conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1968 / 1980 and DGS & D Specifications.
1100 325oC Lubricated and graphited, general-purpose asbestos packing for Glands for medium pressure conditions conforming to IS Specn. 4687 / 1968 / 1980 and DGS & D Specifications.
1200 350oC Incorporated with white metal wire for low friction and greater mechanical durability. Suitable for rotary shafts with peripheral speeds upto 1750 ft/ min. Recommended for steam, hot water, weak acids and alkalies.
1300 500oC Brass wire reinforced asbestos yarn packing. Specially suited to high speed rotary and reciprocating shafts even at higher temperature and pressure. Incorporation of brass wire improves its strength and anti-friction properties. It is recommended for saturated and super heated steam, hot water, air, gases, oils, steam expansion glands, rotary and reciprocating equipments.
1800 490oC Non-metallic asbestos lubricated and graphited packing for high pressure saturated super heated steam conforming to IS Specn. 4687 /1968 / 1980 and DGS & D Specifications.
1850 490oC Same as above, but lubricated non graphited version meant for STAINLESS STEEL RODS.
1900 540oC Crysotile white dry asbestos fibre yarn of high purity braided packing non-metallic used where severe high temperature conditions prevail. Best suited for expansion joints, door ovens, caulking of joints, exhaust pipe wrappings, ductings etc.
1910 540oC A closely braided high content asbestos yarn packing non-metallic lubricated with special heat resisting dry lubricant. Specially recommended for high pressure super-heated steam services. An excellent soft packing for valve glands, guage glass fittings, turbines, boilers and similar applications.
Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEE
1916 815oC Braided from high grade asbestos yarn suitably lubricated and reinforced with stainless steel wire. This is an ideal choice for high temperature valve application and is suitable for service with steam, butane and propane gases, oil vapour, furnace oil etc.
Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL
1933 500oC A popular packing made from asbestos fibre yarn reinforced with copper wire and suitable lubricants to withstand high pressure and temperature for steam valve.
Please state when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL
1960 680oC A specially developed braided packing for super sealing jobs made from high grade asbestos fibre yarn reinforced with inconel wire and suitably lubricated. It will function most effectively against super sealing jobs on valve stems in power plants and oil refineries. A well recommended packing for control valves at high pressures and temperatures and various other applications.
Please specify when spindle / rod is STAINLESS STEEL
Oil & Solvents, Acid, Alkales and Chemicals
Style No."SPITMAAN" Temperature (Centigrade) Service Recommendation
1500 Solva 425o Asbestos packing manufactured from high grade asbestos yarn impregnated with oil resisting synthetic compound by a controlled process during which each strand is treated with fine graphite and a special grade of lubricant suited for hot and cold oils, solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons, petroleum distillates and oil refinery services.
Please specify when the rod or shaft is STAINLESS STEEL
1513 500o Asbestos-reinforced brass wire packing treated with oil resisting synthetic compound having suitable lubricant. Incorporation of brass wire improves strength and anti-friction properties. Best suited for petrochemical applications under high pressure conditions.
Please indicate specifically when the rod is STAINLESS STEEL
1490 300o Special grade of asbestos DUPLEX BRAIDED packing suitably lubricated and treated with graphite to withstand caustic liquors, including caustic potash, soda, lime, ammonia and sulphides. An ideal packing for paper mill applications. PH 4 - 12.
1094 -150o to +300o High grade asbestos fibre yarn DUPLEX BRAIDED packing impregnated with special PTFE suspensoid for severe caustic and other corrosive chemical, solvents, oils and petroleum byproducts and oxygen service. PH 2 - 12.
1603 -150o to +300o A combination packing with specially selected fluoropolymer PTFE fibre and chemical resistant inorganic fibre yarn for resisting against corrosive medium and concentrated acids. This construction improves the strength and chemical inertness of the packing. This combination packing is further treated with PTFE suspensoid. This packing can be used against acids, chlorine, in valves, pumps having chrome plated or stainless steel shafts. PH 2-14.
1003 -150o to +300o A combination packing concentrically braided with special compound to resist hot concentrated alkalies, organic and dilute acids. A very special low friction packing recommended to be used with high speed pumps,agitator shafts, oils, solvents, ammonia solution, concentrated caustics and ketones. PH 2-12.
1 -200o to +290o A super fluorocarbon fibre interbraided packing. This packing is developed for pumps, valves, mixers, agitators involving applications for highly corrosive chemicals, oxygen service, acids and alkalies. PH 0-14.
2 -200o to +290o A 100% pure PTFE packing impregnated with a special chemically inert suspensoid. A good packing for control valves, pumps handling corrosive gases, ammonia, foodsuffs and pharmaceuticals. It is an ideal packing for sealing dryers, mixers and agitators. Due to high tensile strength of the fibre, this packing is best suited to be used in high pressure valves and reciprocating pump applications. PH 0 - 14.
3 -200o to +290o A PTFE fibrous packing having special DUPLEX BRAID to increase dimensional stability treated with inert high temperature lubricant. This packing is safe, non-toxic and flexible for use on pumps, for concentrated acids, alkalies, oils, solvents and gases. PH 0-14.
23 -250o to +300o A DUPLEX plaited flexible combination packing having super grade fluoropolymer intimately treated with graphite to enhance lubricity and heat dissipation. This packing is self lubricating mechanically strong and widely used in chemicals, petrochemicals, power plants, paper, pulp and food industries. PH 0 - 14.
36 -240o to +300o A graphite bonded fluoropolymer fibre packing DUPLEX BRAIDED to improve thermal conductivity and lubricity for maintaining extremely low friction, chemical resistance and reduces maintenance cost. Best suited to valve stems, centrifugal pumps, woodpulp, Caustics, oils, solvents, acids and strong chemicals. This packing is widely used in Refineries, Petrochemicals and Fertilizer Industries. PH 0 - 14.
38 -200o to +600o An interbraid carbon filament high temperature resistant packing with low friction characteristics for sealing against boiler feed pumps, high temperature high pressure valves, condensates, dryers, against non-oxidising mineral acids, fuel oils, thermic fluids, petroleum products, steam and water. This packing has excellent thermal dissipation and self lubricating properties. PH 1 - 14.
40 -200o to +950o Same as above, but reinforced with inconel wire. The heat resistance and conductivity property enables it to be used under arduous conditions. The corrosion resistant wire reinforcement provides the packing to withstand high pressures. An ideal packing for super heated high pressure control valves especially when die formed, apart from other common industrial applications. PH 1 - 12.
66 650o A 100% pure graphite fibre packing treated with special high temperature lubricant to prevent seepage through the packing. This packing is self lubricating. It eliminates shaft wear because of graphite fibre which has low co-efficient of expansion, high heat conductivity and high temperature resistance. A premium service packing to withstand against acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, steam, fuel oil, hot tar pumps and hydrocarbons. It is universally being used by maintenance technicians to seal the most demanding applications in valves and pumps. PH 0 - 14.
166 -200o to +300o A combination of synthetic graphite fibre with specially treated PTFE fibre. This packing is widely used in chemical and petrochemical installations for oils, degreasing fluids, concentrated acids, corrosive gases, for resistance at high speeds. PH 0 - 14.
174 -200o to +300o A most advanced technology packing. A special DUPLEX BRAIDED construction made from synthetic aramid fibre as strong as steel and most flexible, Safely recommended for pumping granular and viscous fluids, even under high pressure condition. This packing is suitable for solvents, abrasive slurries, fuel oil, high pressure dozing pumps, mild acids and alkalies. A most effective packing for refinery, high pressure water injection system and as an anti-extrusion packing. PH 3 - 12.
172 -200o to +280o This is a cross braided combination packing having pure PTFE fibre with special high pressure resistant fibre filament yarn incorporated in it. This packing is most suitable to all fluids and corrosive chemicals. It has exceptionally good dimensional stability, creep resistance and is non-toxic. Recommended for dairies, food and pharmaceutical industries, refineries and fertilizer plants. This packing can withstand high pressure conditions in both rotary and reciprocating applications. PH 2 - 12.
176 -200o to +300o A high quality combination packing incorporated with graphite/PTFE fibres and special synthetic fibre to give additional reinforcement of sliding surface and heat dissipation property. It is most suited in centrifugal and reciprocating pumps with high pressure and sliding velocity for abrasive media. It resists hot water, oil, gases, greases, liquid ammonia and carbamate solution under high pressure conditions. PH 3 - 12.
Marine and Hydraulic Water, Oil
Style No."SPITMAAN" Temperature (Centigrade) Service Recommendation
2222 130o This is specially developed lubricated non-graphited long vegetable fibre braided packing for marine applications. It has been further lubricated with a low friction dry lubricant to enhance antifriction property for use in sea water and fresh or river water applications, water wheel shafts or rubber and stern glands.
2224 150o The most critical parts to seal in a ship are the stern tubes and the rubber post. With this view in mind, a most reliable packing is specially developed form non-asbestos tough vegetable fibres. The packing is impregnated with lubricants which protect the packing structure. This packing is therefore most suited for use in marine against sea water in rubber posts and stern tubes, oils, weak alkali solutions and in paper plants.
2300 130o This packing is manufactured form high tensile strength vegetable fibre thoroughly impregnated with a special lubricant and graphite. Suitable for fresh and salt water, pen-stock and heavy duty hydraulic applications
376 130o A special non-graphited soft natural fibre yarn packing impregnated with first grade lubricant suitable for high speed centrifugal pumps, compressors and refrigerations, D M Water, cooling water and condensate pumps. Owing to the pliable nature of the material used this packing permits free motion of the rod.
374 150o DUPLEX BRAIDED fine soft vegetable fibre packing self lubricated. Each strand of this packing is specially impregnated with additives along with break-in lubricant having the property of self lubrication and media repelling action. This packing is best suited to seal glands of pumps, valves, handling condensates, demineralised water and for cold and hot hydraulic applications.
3116 130o A fine natural fibre braided packing impregnated with lubricants and graphite recommended for use on reciprocation and rotary pumps, valve spindles, refrigeration machinery and compressors. The packing presents a smooth surface that will not score shaft or sleeves because the soft fibre constantly absorbs the liquid being pumped and maintains a soft and pliable running face on the shatf.
600 'A' Steam 280o An asbestos proofed semi-metallic packing with strips of white metal intermittent layers embedded. Used on steam expansion glands, marine engines, compressors, pumps, winches and hoists. A special high pressure medium temperature packing for ships and ship building industry, sugar mills, etc.
143 Metaflex A 560o Aluminium foil, crimpled under mechanical process with high grade lubricants, sealed in layers and folds built around asbestos or non-asbestos rovings. The packing lacks resilence but permits compressibility. Used for high peripheral speeds on rotary crude oil pumps, petroleum distillates, steam compressors, turbines, hot oil valves, brine, hydrocarbons etc. Shafts should be of 500 brinell hardness or over.
146 Metaflex L 300o A soft white metal foil anti-frictional packing similar in construction as above for high peripheral speed. The packing is soft enough to present the shaft with a bearing alloy that reduces scoring. Recommended for fuel and crude oil, fresh or salt water refrigerator pumps, air compressors, abrasives, crystallizing or congealing liquids such as sugar, asphalt and medium temperature slurries. It is also used as anti extrusion rings in combination with regular braided soft packings.
789 C Ammonia 130o A soft flexible laminated proofed fabric packing impregnated with lubricants which reduce friction and shaft wear to a minimum. Used extensively in ammonia and refrigerating pumps, compressors and water service.
777 Auto Lip 130o A fine fabric composition precision packing with a lip section for automatic self sealing service on accumulators, press rams, cranes and reciprocating rods under heavy duty hydraulic application.
778 Auto Lip Metallic 130o A packing similar in construction as above but with white metal pegs embedded on rod surface increasing bearing property. Not suited for non-ferrous soft metal rods.
714 Oelit 130o A proofed fabric packing with synthetic compounds to resist service conditions of oils, petroleum distillates, solvents and hydrocarbons.